Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a superior level of service especially with our delivery program. We believe that customer service should be about the customer and not the institution.

Our customer range does not stop at just contractors. We deal with the average consumer every day without prejudice. Buying direct from us is not and will never be a problem!

Over the years IKO has grown a great deal as a company. Their products and customer service are unrivaled. The degree of excellence, tradition, and progression have made them a dominating force within the roofing industry. As well as providing un-matched products and customer service, on the supply end, IKO’s customer service for our customers keeps them using and promoting their product in a highly competitive market.

Yes, we have a full integrated showroom to help our customers understand and make effective decisions for what they specifically need or desire. We showcase our shingles, vinyl, aluminum and tools and products in this area.

We specialize in custom as well as pre-fabricated roof flashings. Our metal shop has experience with copper and aluminum as well and has done custom work for very large and recognizable businesses. Let us quote you on your projects, no matter how big or small they may be!